Yves Emendack
Yves Emendack, Ph.D., PMP
Yves Emendack is a Research Scientist at the United States Department of Agriculture. He moved to Lubbock in 2014 and was very happy to join the Cameroonians of Lubbock (CAMOL) organization in their quest to help facilitate the integration and providing of opportunities to Cameroonians moving to Lubbock in particular, while promoting the Cameroonian culture, and providing volunteer services to the Lubbock community at large. He has been married for 21+ years to his wife Dr. Haydee Laza, who works at Texas Tech University, and they have three children. Having lived in Europe, and with his love for multiculturalism, Yves and family love travelling to experience different cultures, and also love been dazzled by nature.
Fun Fact

At 184,000 square miles, Cameroon is slightly larger than the state of California.